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Scope of Function:  Assists in the materials management tasks of the GMP Support Services Department. Provides support to Materials Management Associate. Coordinates purchasing, shipping & receiving and inventory control of materials. Responsible for safe and proper storage of materials, process intermediates, products and general manufacturing supplies. Assures that the storage devices within material management area are functioning at all times. Any other task deemed necessary by the GMP Support Services Dept. 

Reports to:  Manager, Materials Manager


Specific Duties:

Purchasing, Receiving and Shipping 

  • Follows through with the shipment of material and equipment, receiving process, inventory control
  • Anticipates critical material requirements; oversees tracking of overdue material and component shortages and resolves such issues
  • Inspects incoming materials for accompanying documentation, quantity and quality (any damage to container, tampering, temperature recording devices)
  • Stores all incoming materials in an orderly fashion in designated areas
  • Assures the status of material is clear at all times (quarantine, released, rejected etc.)
  • Complies with the storage and shipping requirements of biological materials (e.g., cell banks, vaccines, final drug products)
  • Carefully reviews the documentation for items to be shipped for clarity, accuracy and completeness, including custom clearance documentation (where appropriate)
  • Prepares shipping consignments appropriately to maintain the integrity of the material until it reaches its destination (e.g., shippers, containers, dry ice, ice packs, temperature monitoring devices)
  • Daily maintains inventory records

Storage Devices 

  • Monitors the storage devices such as -150°C freezers, 2-8°C refrigerators, and stability chambers
  • Takes prompt action in the event of a device malfunction
  • Responds to any notification of any malfunction of storage devices or any emergency situation in materials management

Education, Experience and Skills Required:

  • High School Diploma or equivalent with a minimum of 2 years of relevant work experience and strong organizational skills to manage multiple tasks. Strong negotiating skills a plus 

Interacts with:

  • Purchasing and Finance, Upstream Manufacturing, Downstream Manufacturing, Process Development, Facilities, Quality Control and Quality Assurance