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At Goodwin Biotechnology, we take great pride in what we do, but we know we can’t do it all. That’s why we’ve selectively collaborated with companies and universities to complement our skill sets in order to express the promise of your protein.

Cell Line Development

Cell Line Development

Our partners in cell line development have more than 20 years of experience with innovative biomolecules, and many of the cell lines they have developed have been used successfully in early- and late-stage clinical trials, as well as for commercial manufacturing. 

Through our collaborative partnerships, we can take your gene sequence or cDNA for your recombinant protein, antibody, or hybridoma and engineer a highly productive, stable cell line in CHO, BHK, HEK-293, SP2/0 cells or proprietary third-party systems (GS, ACE, UCOE, PER.C6®, etc.). We also have access to CEVEC Pharmaceuticals’ CAP and CAP-T human cell lines and expression systems as well as to the NRCC pTT5 system for large-scale transient expression projects. 

Typically, the cell line development activities will result in the identification of three high-producing stable clones, and 15 vials of each of three (3) cell lines will be created. Then, we evaluate the stability of the candidate cell lines in shake flask cultures for up to fifty generations, and cell growth kinetics and productivity are evaluated every five generations. 

In conjunction with you, we will evaluate the data and subsequently select one clone for further development work and the creation of the Research Cell Bank (RCB).

Radiolabeled Antibody Conjugates

For nearly 10 years, Goodwin has collaborated with a number of resources for generating isotopes to be added to antibody : chelator  constructs that Goodwin Biotechnology has developed for its clients. Projects have included studies on and development of radiolabeled antibody conjugates for radio-immunotherapy and radio-immunodiagnostics for use in pre-clinical and clinical trials. From this innovative work, several articles have been published in prestigious, peer-reviewed journals and patents are pending in the US and other countries throughout the world.

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CTO Testing

In order to ensure the purity and integrity of your product candidate, extensive testing is required for each stage of the manufacturing process. Goodwin Biotechnology offers a panel of qualified assays readily available to expedite product and process development. Goodwin Biotechnology can also accommodate specific assays transferred from clients and can develop and qualify these assays in accordance with regulatory requirements. Assays that cannot be accommodated using Goodwin Biotechnology equipment or those that would not be compatible with Goodwin Biotechnology ‘s facilities (such as viral testing) are contracted to qualified outside vendors such as a contract testing organization (CTO).


Florida International University

Goodwin Biotechnology is collaborating with Florida International University (FIU) on a number of projects:

  • The Department of Engineering and Computing at FIU has been awarded a SBIR grant from the National Science Foundation and Goodwin is helping advance microfluidic bioreactor technology.
  • Goodwin is working with the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry to develop novel linker technology for Antibody Drug Conjugates (ADCs) and other Bioconjugates.
  • Based on a grant that FIU has received from the National Institutes of Health, aimed at enhancing the collaborations of industry and academia, Goodwin is accepting graduate student internships.
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Barry University

As a way of giving back to the community, Goodwin participates on the external Advisory Committee for the Professional Science Masters degree in Medical Biotechnology offered by the College of Health Sciences at Barry University. The program was specifically designed with the assistance of an active industrial advisory board to meet specific program requirements and produce graduates that will satisfy the current and future needs of the biotechnology industry in Florida and throughout the U.S. This innovative program is a perfect fit for students who see themselves working in a collaborative environment within the biotechnology sector. The internship component allows students the opportunity to play an active role in a focused research project under the supervision of an industrial mentor in an effort to apply cutting edge principles learned in the classroom to real world problem solving in medical biotechnology.

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Project Success

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